The boring part…

Today  has been spent with the boring, finishing part of weaving: painting the hanging boards, making sleeves for the cardboard tubes, rethinking my plan for the wrappers. It’s also been a somewhat frustrating day. First I had to make a trip to Lowe’s for more Velcro tape and a longer board. Then to Joann’s for more muslin. Then I couldn’t find my jig saw to cut the board. But when I found it, the Painting-boards-copyblade came out, and I spent a long time trying to figure out how to get it to stay where it’s supposed to. And I bought the wrong kind of paint for the boards, butUntitled-1 finally found spray paint to use.  The boards are painted and ready to be Velcro-ed. Also made tubes to fit some of the wider pieces—yeah for duct tape! Then got sleeves on the tubes so you can’t even tell. I’ve decided the wrappers need to be wider, so will sew 18 inch additions to them tomorrow. Five pieces will be wrapped on sleeved tubes by the end of the week.  And I DID get a little weaving done! Only 10 more inches to go to finish what’s on the loom.

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