In thinking about how often I have mentioned the weather lately, I have realized how much the weather affects my state of mind.  Yesterday we had a high of 44, but the sun was shining, so somehow it didn’t seem quite so bad.  Today it’s a tad warmer, but cloudy.  Prefer the sunshine.  I did get out the bird seed the other day on one of the warmer days, and it has been discovered.  I love sitting at my loom and catching glimpses of the various birds that come to the feeders.  Before this room became my studio, I had a sofa out there and spent several winters identifying birds and being surprised at some of the rare ones that would stop by for a little snack.

My wireless router went kaplooey, so off I went today to get a new one, along with groceries, gas, etc.  Something else that amazes me is how much I rely on this internet connection.  Can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not, but it just is.  We got our H1N1 shots yesterday (I know, the season for it is probably over), and I was thinking about how nice it would be to just email my doctor the update.  I wish she would email me information too, instead of mailing the results of blood tests and such.  Maybe I’ll ask about that next time I’m in.  It is good that prescriptions are coming printed out and/or sent directly to pharmacies.  No more worries about doctors’ handwriting with that method!

Enough rambling—now off to actually try and accomplish something.  Still have those design kits to sew up, a little housework, and hmmm….maybe some weaving?  Still working on focus, or lack thereof.

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