Se Ha Cogido El Pescado (The fish has been caught)

 Peruvian_Fish_FinishedAnd since he’s a Peruvian fish, Spanish is most  appropriate. He’s going to need lots of vacuuming because he’s all covered in fuzzy lint. Here’s what he looked like on the loom. I’m always a little nervous when taking a piece off the loom…will it look as planned?  Tomorrow he’ll get cleaned, and then he’ll be hemmed. I decided on hemming since it’s only about 38 inches, but not square.

5 thoughts on “Se Ha Cogido El Pescado (The fish has been caught)

  1. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Thanks, all–I’m glad he’s off the loom too. And I was happy with the colors once I could see all of the piece. My friends today liked the border, so I guess it works. I am going to use some silk to embellish the eye to make it a little more noticeable.


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