So little time…


I wrote about the the color wheel above earlier. It’s on my studio wall, but is going to have to be moved so that I can read it more easily. It’s crammed with information. Now, thanks to Donna, I know about Joen Wolfrom’s blog. She’s got some great exercises to play with color. As a dyer, this will be helpful, I think. Plus, ever since I read about Matisse and his paper cut-outs, I have thought about coloring my own paper and then using those papers to cut out shapes and explore designs.

imageThis also reminds of notan, the Japanese designs, something else I would like to explore more. Kit Eastman does beautiful katazome. On her blog, she has a couple of pictures of notan. Kit is teaching classes in both katazome and notan at The Textile Center in February. Wish I lived closer!

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