Some arty things…and a little grammar

It’s a Crockpot kind of day around here. Have you ever seen the blog A Year of Slow Cooking? It’s a blog about using the slow cooker everyday for a year. It eventually became a book. Anyway, I am doing lamb in the slow cooker today. Not long ago I bought some lamb shanks at the grocery store which were really not very flavorful. I have heard that lamb from New Zealand is more flavorful, so yesterday, while at Sam’s Club, I bought some lamb.

Grammar Department—Here’s an article from a small business forum about grammar. It includes many references to other sites for grammar-type sources. One of my favorites is this one: (Mignon Fogarty (aka “Grammar Girl”) gives an excellent explanation of how to keep the two straight: “Here’s something I call the him-lich maneuver,” she writes in The Grammar Devotional (HB Fenn, 2009), along with a quote from this source:

“Ask if you could hypothetically answer the question with him. If you can, use whom. Him and whom both end with the letter m.” For example: “Who/Whom should we invite?” (You could answer “We should invite him.” So the right choice is whom.)

Now, am I the only one that has to think about who and whom?

Mirrix Department—I’m all heddled-up and ready to weave! Still experimenting with metallic threads. What I’ve learned so far? Don’t use metallics at the selvedges! They pack in differently, which changes the draw-in as compared with the wools. However, I like the contrast of shiny against the wool weft, so will go back to a more centralized motif. I’ll post more pictures of the loom on its new easel (found while cleaning out carport). This easel is a lightweight aluminum sold for use with portable whiteboards. Whether it will hold up for the long haul, only time will tell. But for now, I can more readily move the loom around for weaving in any location now—like in front of the TV for an evening of mind-numbing viewing. Yesterday I watched the movie A Serious Man from the Coen brothers. As are many of their movies, it is unusual.

Arty things—Check out Amie Adelman’s art work. I love the string pieces, but also the collage, and well, everything else. The collage pieces are stickers on paper that look like weave structures. Amie is Associate Professor in the University of North Texas Fiber Department.

And then there’s Hand/Eye Magazine

The ottoman below caught my eye. If you go to the website, check out some of the furniture makers. Below is the quote that is below it.image

Mielie Studio’s Fluffball Ottoman (Photo by Edward Addeo for HAND/EYE)

To purchase the Fluffball, contact Amaridian Gallery at
For more information about Mielie Studios, visit

There are some sites that I look at every couple of weeks, just to see what’s new. Design Sponge is one of those. Take a look at this picture.

image [image above: i think just about every icff visitor took a picture in valentina gonzalez wohlers‘ prickly pair chair. and why not? it’s adorable]

Read more at Design*Sponge

Check out the bicycle with the horn handlebars on the Design Sponge page.

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