Spirals and small drawers

I love the piece with the spiral–just like it is oriented in your blog post. Nice work!

The above comment by Rebecca Mezoff made me think about spirals. I love spirals. This is the second piece that I have woven with spirals. Thunder and Lightning (Private Collection) The first one has squared spirals, so maybe isn’t technically a spiral at all. I also want to do a weft-faced ikat spiral, but my skills are lacking in the “circular” area for now. I also liked cutting out shapes and then weaving them w/o perfecting them too much. The zigzags on the piece at left took LOTS of time because I wanted each zag to be different from the other one. Required much concentration to accomplish that, because my brain wanted to be symmetrical.

All of this reminds me of certain household items.  I also seem to love small drawers. Years ago we used to go to many antique auctions because they’re cheap entertainment (if you don’t buy anthing), and usually kind of interesting.  I was always drawn to the old pieces that had drawers. imageOne of my first splurges was an old spool cabinet from Coats and Clark. The drawers in that piece are, for all practical purposes, unusable because they are only deep enough vertically to hold a spool of thread. I also have several old pine pieces that rest on top of other pieces of furniture that have many drawers, all more useful for holding stuff than the spool cabinet. Probably everyone has something particular type of thing they love—wonder where that comes from?

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  1. Life Looms Large

    It is kind of weird how we all have furniture we gravitate towards. For me, it’s desks. Don’t know why. I have 5 desks that I can think of – plus one in the attic that’s super tiny.

    I’m always likely to think, that spot in my house would look better with a desk!

    Weird! Glad to know that some one else has their own furniture affinity!



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