Spring brings flowers … and thunderstorms. I had planned to do many things this afternoon, but decided to come home after a brief grocery store foray.  Hail was forecasted, and since I just got my hail-dented car repaired a few months ago, didn’t want to take a chance. But the rain and thunder was glorious for weaving. Look at the raindrops on the rose. ¡Muy hermosa!

Unfortunately, I also had do some un-weaving this morning. I decided that the fish’s eye was misplaced.

Tomorrow, unless there is more hail forecasted, I will buy the new computer for my mother, the wireless router, and head over to her house to get all installed. If all goes well, maybe we will have time to redo her online banking. Friday will be spent in a quick trip to San Antonio. We will go to the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas conference. My only goal is to check out the vendors.

You might remember my rant of last week about how you can’t find people in offices. XTO actually called me back yesterday and explained how they do the disbursement checks. They don’t call them disbursement—there’s another specialized word for it. But at least now I know.

I just heard the forecast, and they’re talking cooling off to 36 for Saturday morning with (maybe) a wintry mix of precipitation. Unbelievable!

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