Llama … playing with pictures. Don’t you love this picture? Not only is the llama pretty, but look at what this little guy is seeing. What a view! Not sure llamas really notice the scenery, but … 

Today was pretty much a washout as far as creativity is concerned. Did errands, made many business-type phone calls that were mostly very frustrating. In case you don’t know this about Texas, oil and gas is big here. In the last few years, they’ve been doing big-time gas drilling in what is called the Barnet Shale. Even in my little neighborhood, the mineral rights were leased, but trying to find out what’s going on is impossible.  XTO Energy has the lease, but nobody answers their phone. No real person is available in any department, only voice mail and the capability of leaving a message. They “might get back to you in 4 business days.” The “voice” suggests going to their website, but no information is available there either.  It’s a giant conspiracy, right? Soon there will be no living person working in any office, only “voices.”

I finally got around to ordering the 2 x 8 ft panels for the booth setup.  What a shock that was! First of all, you have to order in pairs, so I couldn’t get just 5. Second, the shipping via freight is $117! UPS would have been even worse. So, I’m looking at a pretty big charge on my credit card.  Yuk!

Tomorrow will definitely be a weaving day. Maybe even 2 full inches. And looking at the little guy in the picture makes it all better.

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