Staying focused

Sleet You may not have heard, but we’ve had a little weather here in my part of the world. This white stuff looks like snow, but it fell as ice and stayed slippery. Roads have been blocked for a couple of days.

Today it was finally above freezing for the first time in several days. With sunshine! And tonight I don’t have to leave the water dribbling to prevent freezing. I might, just maybe, leave the house tomorrow. That is, if I can get down my driveway without sliding into the well house. And now there’s falling ice. Take a look at this video. At about 0:50 you can see the good part.

For a couple of weeks I have been having trouble staying focused. Part of that may be because I’m not actually weaving. So, I decided to try to trick myself by taking before and after pictures and using a timer. I’ve got a feeling this little trick isn’t going to work for too many times, though, so another trick or two will need to be tried. Beginning 1.5-hours The pic on the left was my starting point. After 1.5 hours, the pic on the right shows where I ended up. Amazingly ridiculous how little can be done in that period of time. As I’ve said many times, with ikat, all the work goes into the front end. Otherwise, with regular tapestry, the work is during the weaving. Ikat-mess

And here’s my usual mess. Actually I start out putting all the bits in the trash, but they inevitably end up like this.

Do you have any tricks to stay focused? I’d love to hear them. Maybe we could compile a list. If #1 doesn’t work, move on to #2, etc.

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