Grass-ikat After doing all of the ikat tying, you get to untie all those resists. Here’s 1/2 of one section only partially untied. It’s kind of a mindless activity, ideal for keeping one’s hands busy while watching a movie or mindless TV. The dyeing on this is actually a mistake, so Plan B is now in force. At one point I had it in my head exactly how I was going to dye each of the sections so that the background (in this case, the orange part)  would be gradate from light orange to a more intense orange. Totally forgot when I went out and threw dye in the pot, do the plan has been revamped.

There are still spots of ice here and there, but it should all be gone soon, with temps reaching 60s and 70s this week, only to drop down again by the weekend. I am really glad I filled the dyepots yesterday, because today, the water was frozen in the hose.

And speaking of weather–I realized that my mindset had to change, or I was going to be miserable in winter and summer. The weather is here to stay, and I have to readjust to the conditions I live in. Probably because I am older, these extremes of temperatures bother me more, and I have always been sensitive to many days without sunshine. Not sensitive enough to warrant one of those special lamps, but … So, I went out and dyed when it was 35, and felt better for doing it! In addition, I am going to work on my thinking. Journal I have a bitty journal that I am writing down five things that I am grateful for each day. Many days recently I have been grateful for the warm fire in the wood stove. Or that I am capable of taking a pickax and breaking up the ice and make a path to the woodpile. Knowing that I am going to have to make my grateful list makes me think about this during the day. And truly, we all have things to be grateful for. Why let the weather affect that?

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