Still February

HyacinthsIt’s such a shock to walk outside and feel how cold it is. The sunshine makes it deceptive, along with the brisk 14 mph winds. I really wanted to catch a goldfinch at the feeder—at this time of the year, they’re very colorful—but it was not to be. Instead, I have pictures of hyacinth buds and new growth on the climbing rose by the front porchRose_new_growth. The picture on the right shows what it looks like in bloom. Rose





In the back, I know there are berries still on the nandinas, but the cold got to me. In keeping with the February color pictures proposed by Life Looms Large, here are my contributions. Otherwise, I have nothing. Still weaving the  same piece. I chose a color to put in that seemed right, but the yarn is a mix of mohair/wool, so it’s just a wee bit different in size than my usual two strands of wool together, so I am having to compensate for that in the weaving. The piece is not quite to the halfway point yet. 

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