Still making progress

Swirl_with_arrowThis line shows about where I am in the weaving now, the whole thing done with hatching. The whole process is going faster the more I weave, probably because some of the colors are dropping out, so there’s not so many butterflies. The colors are not exact, of course, because they are computer generated. I took the drawing of the design, scanned it, and colored it in Photoshop. And I still don’t know if the finished piece will be anywhere near the planned size, since I can see the end-of-warp knots. They are still on the back beam, though, so fingers are crossed! I hope so, because I really like the way it looks, and I’m really enjoying the weaving of this piece.

Below is the drawing with the various colors labeled for each section. Everything frequently changes as one weaves; the colors are the same, but sometimes the lines of the swirls change a little. This is going from blues to yellows and it reminds me of an awakening. That, in fact, may be the title.Swirl_cartoon_labels

I saw the pictures below and found them interesting. The first came from Daily Art Muse on Facebook.

The second is on the Moon Rain website. I think it is absolutely beautiful!


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