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This is the occasional newsletter that I send out, so if you’ve read this, my apologies. There is one new part below in bold purple print.

clip_image003 Purple Haze (Reflection)

clip_image002Ancient Symbols II

Even though the weather is gorgeous now, I hear we’re in for another bout of winter. Time to bring more firewood into the studio! I feel bad even dreading the next blast of winter here in Texas, considering what the rest of the country has had to endure this winter.

In the news…

If you’re going to be in the Denton area, the Materials: Hard and Soft show opens Friday, February 4, 6-8 PM at the Meadows Gallery, 400 E Hickory. The pieces pictured above will be hanging in the gallery. The invitation postcard says that hors d’oeuvres and spirits will be served. The show will end April 3. Here is a link for more information. Because of our icy weather, the opening for this was cancelled, AND I was notified that I have received a juror’s award for Purple Haze (Reflection). I was disappointed about the opening, but the award is great! I am looking forward still to seeing the show.

Studio happenings…

clip_image004This piece has just been cut off the loom and is pictured with all of its loom fuzz along with all the weft and warp threads hanging around. All of the warp threads (those are the white ones on the ends) will need to be worked into the body of the piece with a needle. And, I have to admit, Procrastination is my middle name when it comes to finish work. Here is the to-scale drawing that I used for this project.


The writing indicates the colors that were to be used for each section, written as dye formulas. I was nearing the end of the warp on the loom, so the piece had to be shortened a bit from the drawing. Running out of warp also means that putting a new warp on the loom is my current project. Usually a warp of about 30-33 yards is put on the loom at a time. A warp of that length will last about a year or a bit longer, depending on the length of the various pieces.

More news…

I’ve put a new calendar page on my website, since there are two new shows coming up. Both are with my friend Pat Souder, who makes wonderful masks. Here’s just one of her pieces. You have to see these in person! They’re great!


If you would like to receive an actual real-life postcard (gasp!) about the upcoming shows, please send me an address. And, along those lines, if you’d rather not be receiving these occasional messages or if you are receiving double messages, please let me know. I will either remove your email addie from the list or clean up the extras.

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