I seem to have a theme going on here. First is a blog called On a Clear Day I Can Read Forever, that I catch every now and then. It’s all about books and sometimes mentions books/authors that I’m familiar with, but more often I read about books that I want to add to my list. Then there are my own bookshelves that I am trying to organized in some fashion. These are my books on weaving, tapestry, design, art, etc. I read a hint on another blog called The Clutter Diet about using binder clips and printed labels to organize things. Bingo! In many bookstores the books are divided into categories by plastic thingies with labels. I found black file folders at The Container Store. Leaving them folded and placing them on the shelf as they would be in a file drawer. Then I made a label for a few categories, placed them on the binder clips, and clipped them to the ends of the file folders. Voila! Dividers! The picture below shows three sections of books, from left to right, Tapestry, Design, Color. In theory, the picture should enlarge if clicked.

Now, on to the next book topic. I read on Alice Schlein’s blog about a Shelf-Pod House. Take a gander at all those shelves! Go to the site for more views and drawings with elevations.image

While I was at The Container Store, I arranged for the shelf that’s going across one wall in the studio. It will be about 19 feet long and about 19 inches from the ceiling. The Elfa sale ends soon!

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