Is there a color forecast in your future?

And is it redundant to use forecast and future in the same sentence?

Well, since winter is not yet over, I am sure you are very busy planning your Fall 2011 wardrobe. Well, at least someone has been. Take a look at the Pantone fashion colors for fall 2011.


And, just in case you’re not quite ready to plan for Fall 2011, below are your Spring 2011 colors. imageIf you follow the link, and scroll over the color, you will see a “fashion” using that color. I could live without the pinks in either forecast, but have to admit that the fall colors kind of appeal to me. Oh, sorry, should’ve said “honeysuckle.” Wonder why the fashion colors and home colors aren’t more closely aligned? Actually maybe they are. One cannot access interior colors without paying a huge amount to buy the forecast.

Here’s the good news for all you fashionista weavers and dyers. Pro Chemical already has the dye formulas ready for you in both MX and Washfast dyes. Click on the link for a PDF of the numbers. This is Fall 2011 below.image

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