Another take on color

The starting point for Cruz-Diez’s chromatic investigations is the unstable nature of color.

I love this quote. We all know how color changes depending on the light or what colors are placed next to each other.

MFA Houston Presents First Retrospective of Venezuelan Artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. Be sure to click on the link, as there’s an interesting picture there. Plus, check out the workshop they’ve scheduled for teachers in conjunction with this exhibit.

Had other obligations on Tuesday that took all day. Since Wednesday is another “snow” day here, it will be the perfect day for completing the warp process. All that is left is the reed, then I can tie on and weave! Only problem is: What to weave. I am stuck with the stockpile of yarns that I have—too cold for dyeing—wind chills in single digits. Now, that’s cold for us! Supposed to be another low of 12 degrees by Thursday morning. Another night of protecting my water pipes. Anybody else ready for spring? At least I can get chili started in the crockpot and call it dinner.

LeaseStickHoldersOh, here’s a picture of my new lease stick holders. Soooo much better than the huge boards sticking out from the loom from front to back with the sticks resting on them. I saw a picture of these, in a slightly different form on either Sandra Rude’s blog or Laura Fry’s blog. (By the way, Laura’s education information is highly, well, educational. Check it out!) I can no longer find them, but thankfully I saved a picture. I took that picture to Jim Clark, and maker of wonderful wood weathervanes and other folk art—and who just happens to be the husband of a guild member. Jim did a wonderful job, with a couple of innovations of his own. Since my warp is only 4 epi, I don’t use a cross, just tape the ends in order as they leave the warping wheel, my lease sticks are mainly just used to get the warp in a good location to either thread the heddles or to tie on to the old warp. With these holders rather the big long boards, I can get inside the loom to straighten out any problems that might arise. A huge help!

Here’s a quote about Jim:

You can’t swing a purse without hitting a one-of-a-kind item made by a Texan at this whimsical, art-minded shop. Not that you should try, lest you knock over an antique wood-and-metal animal-shaped weather vane crafted by Fort Worth artist Jim Clark. Or disturb one of the vibrant neon-on-black paintings of Spanish missions by Cleburne’s David Carter. Or upend the bowl of brightly colored wooden spinning tops hand-made by Calvert’s James Poppell, though it would make for a beautiful accident. Salado Square No. 6 on Main, 254-947-3277,

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