Year of the Rabbit, monkey, whatever

I was reading Alyson Stanfield’s Art Biz Blog about her birthday and the Year of the Rabbit. That made me curious about my year. I found information here. Of course, as with all zodiac personality characteristics, and this one is no exception, some are on target but many are not. Darn! I was really hoping for a definitive personality analysis!

Year Of The Monkey—that’s me!

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Sunshine again today, after rain last night, (and the coldest temperatures in 15 years last week, along with rolling electrical blackouts) makes me feel more energetic. I’m off to tackle threading the heddles and will try to think of this process as one that painters have to go through—prepping the canvas before the “good stuff” can happen. Of course, I wouldn’t be doing this at all if I hadn’t yanked out all of that old warp, but at least I can listen to a audio book as I thread heddles—no counting of revolutions involved with this task. And I’m not going to think about the predicted bad weather (AGAIN!) that’s scheduled for Wednesday. Pollyanna, that’s my middle name this week.

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