Sunshine, glorious sunshine! We had it today, and it was wonderful. Streets are still a mess, parking lots are dangerous, but we’ve got sunshine. Yay!

I’m finally doing some weaving! Another yay! We took a trip to the Badlands in September, and I’ve got a couple of ideas for using scenes from there as inspiration for weaving a couple of smaller pieces. Many of those wrong-color yarns will be good for this project. The pictures shown here are two different shots of a particular landform in the Badlands. I’ve forgotten the details, but it has something to do with evaporation…I think. You can read about it if your’e interested in the link above. The colors were pretty distinctive, maybe because everything was so flat and grayish. I’m just going to pick out the colors I like and weave a very non-pictorial piece–some gradations of colors, etc.

South Dakota

The reason we went to South Dakota is that I wanted to see Mt. Rushmore. We flew into Rapid City, and I knew as soon as we landed that we weren’t in Kansas anymore, or even Texas. It’s an old city that has kept many of its old buildings giving it a very quaint downtown area. I really liked SD and was very impressed with the Badlands. But, then, I also thought Rushmore was pretty impressive, along with the Black Hills. We drove to Deadwood–also a neat, historical place. I’ve been to several National Parks in the last few years, and I have to say, we’ve got great parks. I’ve been very impressed with the facilities and the personnel. The rangers are very knowledgeable and receptive to questions.

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