Stage West

Here’s what I hung for Stage West. They want me to hang one more piece, but I have to decide on what will go well with this group and the RED wall. Actually, the wall doesn’t look bad. There is a big window to the right, so it gets plenty of light. And there’s a big spot for the evening lighting. Speaking of evening, we’re getting comped to go to the champagne opening. Guess we’ll get out on a Saturday night!

Tonight is the first presentation of the play, and they’ve still got ice in front of the door and the walkway to the door. Needless to say, we utilized the back door. Did not want to try and carry large items and try to follow the 10-inch wide, ice-free path across the parking area.

I think I know which piece to hang with this group. Will hang it tomorrow. If it doesn’t go with the group, it’ll just have to look like the outcast. At least it has a title.


The piece on the right in the picture does not have a title, so it’s listed as Untitled (Purple Ikat). I think most of my work could remain untitled, as in Untitled I, Untitled II, and so on. But people seem to like titles and expect them. If anyone has a title to suggest, I’ll consider it. I was thinking of something like Eights, since the ikat sections are in groups of eights. Pretty boring, right?

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