Ta Da! Off the Loom

Crosses_scanned Crosses_off_loom

Now this is certainly not a great picture, but I’m excited to have these off the loom! They are still joined together, and, as usual, the colors aren’t true in the picture. My time will be spent doing finish work for a while—I’ve got five pieces now that need steaming, and either hemming or needle weaving. I am going to tie the warp back on the loom in the next day or two for the next piece (to be decided). Since I did several designs of about the same sizes, I can tie on and then make the decision of what to weave. And, hey, maybe I should sweep around the loom! I’ve really got to get the finishing done because there are a couple of shows here in Texas that have entries due soon.

Reading (Listening) I’ve finished listening the audio book The Swan Thieves. The book is 565 pages long, and the audio version is 18 hours. It’s a little slow in the beginning and never moves through the plot quickly, but it is interesting. It is about art through a psychiatric patient, his doctor, and the women in the patient’s life. I keep thinking about how I still don’t know how I feel about this book, but the fact that I keep thinking about it tells me something. Have you ever seen a movie that you keep thinking about even though you didn’t like it much? To me, that means the movie was good in the sense that it was thought-provoking.

Now, for a little fun, take a look at these here and here. They are the work of Elaine Bradford—taxidermy and crochet—at the Houston Craft Center.  They’re infectious.  Love the images. 

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