Black Holes and Fashion as Inspiration

If one is not careful, Facebook and Twitter can become black holes that eat up time—huge bites at a time.  However, through Facebook and Twitter, I find out about things I never would have known.  HGA posted this on Twitter last Saturday, which was a retweet from

weavespindye RT @FashionHistoria “Love” this review of the Vionnet exhibition in Paris (especially the FAB videos) #fashion

This whole Twitter exchange was about an exhibit of fashions:

Exhibition Review: Madeleine Vionnet: Fashion Purist

I love the structure of the fashions shown in this review.  The one at the bottom of this page especially caught my eye.  “Wonder why?” she says facetiously. Take a look at the pictures—interesting clothes shown in the review.  The design below may soon be adapted for my purposes.  I’ve been sketching ideas for a series of squares, and this would be more squares within a square.  Still thinking about colors, but that’s were the scanner, computer, and/or tracing paper come in handy.Yeimage

Yesterday I felt inspired, so made several to-scale drawings of future weavings.  Still need to play with color, but it’s a start.  Then today I read about this Captcha Challenge on the Compost & Creativity blog.  I have always believed that restrictions make us more creative.  When I started using natural dyes, I only had four colors that I felt I did well.  Consequently, my designs had to be able to use some of those colors.  Our next guild show will have the theme of Rhythm and Blues: The Music of the Loom.  Each piece has to incorporate blue in some form or amount.  Using blue won’t be a problem for me, so I’ve set myself a challenge of learning a bit about music. I’d like to see if a seed of design inspiration can come from that source.  My knowledge of music is pretty much zilch, so that is my additional restriction.

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