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Lost territory

I posted this on my Facebook page:      Goals for the week that’s already half over: finish piece on loom, continue outside work (porch, compost leaves, weed garden area), do the finish work on “grasses.” This is probably more than I can do, but I’m going to try.


Fuzzy picture, but you can see where the big gap is above the colors.

That went pretty well yesterday. I wove five inches out of the 28 that I have left to do, finished with dragging all the leaves into the compost bin. Today I even got to the loom earlier ad was moving along nicely. That is until disaster struck. A warp broke! And it didn’t break in a nice, convenient area, but very close to the fell. So I took out several inches, including some that I wove yesterday. That means that today is a wash, as we say here in Texas. (Is that common everywhere?)

Now I have revised goals:


  • finish cleaning off the porch, which also means hauling stuff to Salvation Army.
  • Weed the garden bed


  • Get 10 inches woven on the piece on the loom
  • Do the warp finish work on “grasses.”

We’ll see how this goes.