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Definite line from the two different dye baths.

Definite line from the two different dye baths.

Not perfect, but improved

Not perfect, but improved







A lot of thinking has been going on in my head the last few weeks, about goals, what I want to do, etc. I know I want to weave and have a decent garden again, including a vegetable garden. Plus, there’s a desire to go to Machu Picchu, a place I’ve always wanted to see. That little item will take some serious getting into shape. Not only is the area challenging because of the trek, but also because of the altitude. Two times I have been in the Andes and both times I got a little tummy problem. The first time I just placed the blame on traveling, but the second time–well, maybe there’s a pattern here.  So, this physical readiness becomes a goal. I liked the me that used to walk 5 miles a day, rain, sleet, wind, everything but lightning. So today, I got out and hit the street, then I worked at taming the climbing roses,  before moving on to the weaving. The yarns I’m using came from two different dye pots, and there was a definite line in the weaving. So, I took out a few inches, then worked at blending the old color with the new color in that section. Now I’m just hoping I don’t run out of yarn!

Now about the little graphic at the top, yep, it’s the stick to it part that gets dropped. You?

Lost territory

I posted this on my Facebook page:      Goals for the week that’s already half over: finish piece on loom, continue outside work (porch, compost leaves, weed garden area), do the finish work on “grasses.” This is probably more than I can do, but I’m going to try.


Fuzzy picture, but you can see where the big gap is above the colors.

That went pretty well yesterday. I wove five inches out of the 28 that I have left to do, finished with dragging all the leaves into the compost bin. Today I even got to the loom earlier ad was moving along nicely. That is until disaster struck. A warp broke! And it didn’t break in a nice, convenient area, but very close to the fell. So I took out several inches, including some that I wove yesterday. That means that today is a wash, as we say here in Texas. (Is that common everywhere?)

Now I have revised goals:


  • finish cleaning off the porch, which also means hauling stuff to Salvation Army.
  • Weed the garden bed


  • Get 10 inches woven on the piece on the loom
  • Do the warp finish work on “grasses.”

We’ll see how this goes.