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Pantone time again

Until I saw the article in the WSJ this morning, I had totally forgotten about Pantone and its color of the year. How could that happen! There’s even a video. I wanted the graphic at the bottom of the print edition page, but alas, it was not to be. But in my search, I went to Pantone’s website. It’s worth a look to just see their slideshow of green things–ahem, emerald things. In addition, there is a link

to the Pinterest page. For someone who loves color, well, it’s wonderful. Color everywhere!RainbowI saw this on their products page, and was interested enough to go to Dick Blick and find out more. Sad to say that the reviews weren’t good.

I bought this last summer. Is it green? Turquoise? Was I ahead of the trend or still trailing behind?

What do you think of Emerald?