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Colors and mental floss

Have you heard of the magazine called Mental Floss? It’s a magazine that has “random, interesting, amazing facts,” according to their website. I don’t have an opinion about the amazing part, but it really does have random and interesting down pat, and I am not a trivia person. Just don’t see the need to have all that extraneous cluttering up my mind.

The magazine also has its own Facebook page, where I saw this little nugget of information–11 Colors That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of. Now we weavers are all about color, so of course I had to check it out. And they were right, I had never heard of most of these colors: sarcolene, coquelicot, smaragdine, mikado, glaucous, wenge, fulvous, xanadu, falu, eburnean, and amaranth. I’ve known that amaranth grain was used by ancient peoples, and you can still buy the seeds today, but I did not know about the color, which makes sense when you look at the picture of the flower.

Another example of random, interesting (weird?) facts from Mental Floss: The Dirty Etymology of 9 Everyday Words Etymology. Gotta love it!



Ruby Beholder


Magenta yarns


Black and white of the magenta yarns

In a rag weaving workshop, I remember the instructor saying that when you don’t like the colors in a design, it most often is because of value. And that’s the first time I heard of the Ruby Beholder.

Usually you just know if a color doesn’t go with the others, there are other ways to check the value in the colors we choose. I took a black and white photo, thinking of the gray scale, but you can use an actual gray scale finder. Still another way is to use red or green filters. The handy tools come to us mostly from the world of quilters.

Gray Scale


Gray scale

Gray scale

While looking at my magenta yarns again the other day, I decided to get out the color wheel. When I pulled open the drawer that held it, I found something better, the 3-in-1 tool by Joen Wolfrom.


Color Tool


Color tool contents

This tool has separate pages for lots of colors, from yellow green to aqua green, with all of their variations on little color rectangles on each page, AND there are also two filters, both green and red. If you want to read a bit more, all of the tools can be found on Amazon here.













Yellow to violet

In that very large abstraction book  that I checked out from the library, Abstraction there was a piece titled From Yellow to Violet by François Morellet. It was a kind of squared spiral, with yellow in the center going to violet on the outside line. That got me thinking about all the colors in between. The handy Color Schemer came out again. Linear In “Mixer” I chose a yellow and a violet. The default gives you 52 colors, in this case from yellow to violet. I changed that to 21 and this is what I got. Notice that there are lots of browns and some not very interesting colors in the middle of this. Then I happened to notice the drop down menu beside Path. Evidently I’ve never done that before, but there are three choices in all: linear, radial clockwise, radial counterclockwise. Radial-counterclockwise The example above with the not-so-interesting colors is the linear path. Left is the radial counterclockwise. When they say radial, they are meaning on Radial-clockwise the color wheel. Here is the radial clockwise. Both of these schemes are interesting to me, maybe even a little exciting. These color palettes look like they could be for the abstraction book. I love them! After all, they have purple.

Pantone time again

Until I saw the article in the WSJ this morning, I had totally forgotten about Pantone and its color of the year. How could that happen! There’s even a video. I wanted the graphic at the bottom of the print edition page, but alas, it was not to be. But in my search, I went to Pantone’s website. It’s worth a look to just see their slideshow of green things–ahem, emerald things. In addition, there is a link

to the Pinterest page. For someone who loves color, well, it’s wonderful. Color everywhere!RainbowI saw this on their products page, and was interested enough to go to Dick Blick and find out more. Sad to say that the reviews weren’t good.

I bought this last summer. Is it green? Turquoise? Was I ahead of the trend or still trailing behind?

What do you think of Emerald?