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Yellow to violet

In that very large abstraction book  that I checked out from the library, Abstraction there was a piece titled From Yellow to Violet by François Morellet. It was a kind of squared spiral, with yellow in the center going to violet on the outside line. That got me thinking about all the colors in between. The handy Color Schemer came out again. Linear In “Mixer” I chose a yellow and a violet. The default gives you 52 colors, in this case from yellow to violet. I changed that to 21 and this is what I got. Notice that there are lots of browns and some not very interesting colors in the middle of this. Then I happened to notice the drop down menu beside Path. Evidently I’ve never done that before, but there are three choices in all: linear, radial clockwise, radial counterclockwise. Radial-counterclockwise The example above with the not-so-interesting colors is the linear path. Left is the radial counterclockwise. When they say radial, they are meaning on Radial-clockwise the color wheel. Here is the radial clockwise. Both of these schemes are interesting to me, maybe even a little exciting. These color palettes look like they could be for the abstraction book. I love them! After all, they have purple.