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Inkle weaving and then tapestry

The Fort Worth Weavers Guild had a one-day inkle weaving workshop. So lots of women (and man) weavers got together to learn about weaving on an inkle loom. It was a great workshop, and Barb did an excellent job getting all the materials together and teaching it. Even though I had trouble even warping my loom, I came away with lots of ideas to try. The warping will go better the next time around without the distractions—and a couple of thumbtacks on the loom to hold yarn that is not actively being warped. Plus, I will think of a better way to keep up with where I am on the “draft.” Barb suggested a magnetic board with strips of magnets to place where you are in the warping, a great idea. Added to my errand list.

Well, my summer exercise program starts this week—you know, all that mowing stuff. And, for a little something wonderful. If you haven’t seen this, take a look. I am so amazed with these tapestries.