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Busy and grateful

It’s been pretty busy around here, and for that, I am grateful. It’s been the just-enough kind of busy.

We had a guild sale at Pottery Barn

The Fort Worth Weavers Guild had a sale, which was both fun and a long day, with the added benefit of great sales. Below is just a portion of the towels we had for sale.

Towel table

Scarves and shawls were hanging here. You can also see my work spread on a nearby couch.

Scarves in the background

Another one on the floor

Here we had baskets, small framed pieces (recognize those?). In the big center basket are bookmarks, key rings, greeting cards, and even buttons.

Baskets, bookmarks, odds and ends


The button covered with small, leftover pieces from weavings.

More towels

The other busy part

I’ve also been busy making sure all the boards for hanging and the corresponding work are together and look good. I don’t know exactly how many pieces will be in the upcoming exhibition, but I want to have more than necessary in case some curating decisions need to be made. As in what looks good together and what doesn’t.

What’s on the loom

This is what I’m working on right now. Although the same yarns as the gradation pieces I just finished are in this weaving, the colors look very different. I planned small holes in the weaving because that’s something I’ve been wanting to do, so why not now in this completely spontaneous piece.

You can see the holes marked in the second pic. They’re only about 1/2 inch long.

Work in progress

With the holes marked

Hot, hot, hot! And rain!

So what else is new? It’s hot here, but there’s nothing new about that. But…yesterday we got a little rain. The wind came up, thunder rolled in, pea-size hail beat against the window, and it rained. And my electricity went off. For 13 hours! It was a kind of warm sleep last night. But around 5:30 this morning everything that was on yesterday afternoon came on. I was so tired that I just got up and turned off the lights, turned on the ceiling fan, and went back to bed.

Weaving-Progress I have a goal of weaving six pieces by April. That may or may not be doable. On the piece I’m weaving now, the only part that remains is throwing a shuttle for 15 more inches. I’m glad I’ve got a good book to listen to since shuttle-throwing can get boring. Those 15 inches are all one color, so no color play to watch even. Oh, and that goal of having six new pieces includes the finishing. I’ve got a few that are off the loom, but unfinished.

If you’re in the area, the area, our guild sale is tomorrow. For the first time, we have separated our sale from the biennial show. Back I always like to get towels at the sale–they are so absorbent and beautiful.The potters guild is also having a sale and show in the same location. Plus, lots of openings tonight for the various galleries at the Community Arts Center.

Inkle weaving and then tapestry

The Fort Worth Weavers Guild had a one-day inkle weaving workshop. So lots of women (and man) weavers got together to learn about weaving on an inkle loom. It was a great workshop, and Barb did an excellent job getting all the materials together and teaching it. Even though I had trouble even warping my loom, I came away with lots of ideas to try. The warping will go better the next time around without the distractions—and a couple of thumbtacks on the loom to hold yarn that is not actively being warped. Plus, I will think of a better way to keep up with where I am on the “draft.” Barb suggested a magnetic board with strips of magnets to place where you are in the warping, a great idea. Added to my errand list.

Well, my summer exercise program starts this week—you know, all that mowing stuff. And, for a little something wonderful. If you haven’t seen this, take a look. I am so amazed with these tapestries.