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A week of new (to me) and old artists

Spider-a little late for Halloween

Spider-a little late for Halloween

The free subscription to the Wall Street Journal is winding down to its final days. Although I will miss it, I probably won’t renew. When I first started reading this newspaper, I was surprised by how much art is covered. A few artists from the last few weeks include a furniture maker (Kevin Stamper) who dyes his wood, a fiber/glass artist (Ayala Serfaty) who uses her hand-dyed wool roving to to create furniture inspired by coral reefs and lights from tubes of glass. Then there’s this exhibition in Milan:

A¬†Beautiful¬†Confluence: Anni and Josef Albers and the Latin American Worldpresents the art of two of the greatest artists of the twentieth century in tandem with the pre-Columbian objects they collected passionately from the time they moved to America in 1933 until Josef’s death in 1976.

Since I love all things pre-Columbian and admire the work of both Anni and Josef Albers, this would appear to be a great place to visit. We’ve got time; it doesn’t end until February of next year! You can see more images here.

I don’t know where I read about or saw the work of Dianne Shullenberger, but here fabric collage work is amazing–and I don’t usually even go for this type of art.

And since I don’t want to violate any copyright laws, I have made a Pinterest board of the artists’ images here.



Time-a few minutes here, a few minutes there


I add the image on the side, just in case you want to waste a few minutes. Remember Spirograph? It’s a toy that I could never do quite right because I would always skip a cog or something, and being the perfectionist that I am (in certain areas only), that did it for me. Here’s a virtual one. No skipped cogs!

No weaving has been done during this past week, just a family bowling trip, the new Hobbit movie (my first Hobbit anything, not my favorite genre), seeing the Mythbuster exhibit at the museum and family time.

Watercolor and Inktense pencils have been discovered, along with basket weaving (not a success, but it was fun painting the paper, a la Jackie Abrams). There’seven a Pinterest page for Inktense. Inktense-Watercolor

So, now you have a few more ways to waste a few minutes by clicking on all the links here. Because, really, don’t you need to relax with nothingness for a while?