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Time-a few minutes here, a few minutes there


I add the image on the side, just in case you want to waste a few minutes. Remember Spirograph? It’s a toy that I could never do quite right because I would always skip a cog or something, and being the perfectionist that I am (in certain areas only), that did it for me. Here’s a virtual one. No skipped cogs!

No weaving has been done during this past week, just a family bowling trip, the new Hobbit movie (my first Hobbit anything, not my favorite genre), seeing the Mythbuster exhibit at the museum and family time.

Watercolor and Inktense pencils have been discovered, along with basket weaving (not a success, but it was fun painting the paper, a la Jackie Abrams). There’seven a Pinterest page for Inktense. Inktense-Watercolor

So, now you have a few more ways to waste a few minutes by clicking on all the links here. Because, really, don’t you need to relax with nothingness for a while?