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A yard in town

A yard in town

We had a huge hail storm here last week. The ice falling on my roof woke me around 4:30 AM. Actually, I’m not sure if it was the storm or the fact that the ceiling fan was not whirling that work me. The electricity was out. Then the hail came. I went back to sleep. Because of the storm clouds and no electricity when I got up, the house was dark. I read the newspaper (without my morning coffee) by flashlight. Then I decided to go to town, as I could do nothing around home. The streets in town were covered with leaves and other small tree stuff. Very surprisingly, the yards looked like they were covered with snow. After buying coffee and reading a bit (the bad thing about e-readers is the battery that might not be charged). I needed to go to the grocery store, even though the power was still off, so that I could prepare the gravlax for our monthly spice dinner. I left everything in an insulated bag with lots of ice and waited. Finally, around 3:00 PM the power came back on.

Listening to books while weaving does not completely stop the mind from wandering. Ideas for other weavings, stuff that needs to be done (aka the to-do list), stuff I want to do (aka run away and/or get outside and plant), the news, family, etc. I am well into the second piece, averaging 4-6 inches per day. Not bad. I weighed my remaining yarns and have determined that I will need to dye more H and G. There will be more about that in my newsletter this month.  And also about gravlax. Sign up here.

Screen shot

Screen shot

Total change of subject–a new favorite artist: Jill Powers. The piece on screenshot above is beautiful and it really is quite large–52 x 47. I would love to take her workshop in April, but there are no hotel rooms available. Silly I know, to consider going to Boulder for a one day workshop, but see above about running away.

The hailstorm destroyed my lonely bluebonnet plant and its lonely flower bud, so I’ll have to make do with what I find along the highways. We do love our bluebonnets and other wildflowers here in Texas. Blame it on Lady Bird.

Short trips for wildflowers (with pictures): http://www.star-telegram.com/living/home-garden/article66911077.html

The wonderful wildflower farm in the hill country: http://www.wildseedfarms.com/bloom_update.php



ArtWalk 2015


One version of my booth

Back home and the car still sits with its load. The first thing I did was get to the loom. Right before I left, I realized that I had not followed my design for the piece I’m weaving. After playing around with the design as woven, and thinking about it over the weekend, I took out 8 inches this morning. It didn’t take as long to unweave as it did to weave, but it still took a long time. If you’re wondering why I unwove instead of cutting the yarn, it’s because of how much yarn is dyed. So again I have a fresh start, but this time there is a printout of the desired finished product sitting alongside me on the loom bench. Untitled-3

It was a beautiful day for browsing art, although the crowds were down this year. This ArtWalk-er comes every year, but I think this is a new costume. Untitled-2

On the way home, I stopped by Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg for some flower love. This part of Texas, known as the Hill Country, has a huge German influence. Untitled-1