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ArtWalk 2015


One version of my booth

Back home and the car still sits with its load. The first thing I did was get to the loom. Right before I left, I realized that I had not followed my design for the piece I’m weaving. After playing around with the design as woven, and thinking about it over the weekend, I took out 8 inches this morning. It didn’t take as long to unweave as it did to weave, but it still took a long time. If you’re wondering why I unwove instead of cutting the yarn, it’s because of how much yarn is dyed. So again I have a fresh start, but this time there is a printout of the desired finished product sitting alongside me on the loom bench. Untitled-3

It was a beautiful day for browsing art, although the crowds were down this year. This ArtWalk-er comes every year, but I think this is a new costume. Untitled-2

On the way home, I stopped by Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg for some flower love. This part of Texas, known as the Hill Country, has a huge German influence. Untitled-1

ArtWalk 2014

Booth2014 Here’s how I spent my time over the weekend. ArtWalk in Fayetteville, Texas.

One of myneighbors was photographer Carol Lyon, who had this little guy in her booth. Meet Yarn Ball, who came home with me. I took this picture with my phone through the cellophane wrapping, so to see a really good picture, got to her website. I am in love with here bird abstracts. Going to have to get one next year. YarnBall

Everything went so smoothly this year that I kept thinking I must have forgotten something. The reason it all was so easy is because of Asana and my list making. Last year I used Asana to make a list of every possible thing I could think of that might be needed. When I got home from the show, I added to or deleted parts of the list. I even included a reminder to myself to make my hotel reservation. And it worked! No reinventing the wheel every year.

I’ve also been using Asana for other projects, like house renovations or garden changes. It’s a way to keep everything together in one place. Love it!


Not a great picture because of the angle being wrong, so parts look weirdly odd sized. Forgot I need to get to the photographer.

Ever had those days when you sit down to do a project, and before you know it, it’s getting close to 5:00 PM? Welcome to my world! I decided that, since I had ArtWalk coming up, I would feel so much better if I crossed some things off the to-do list. You know, little things Illusion-card like the hanging boards, postcards, etc.

One of the things I noticed last year was that visitors to my booth would take a postcard but not a business card. So getting postcards done was one of my goals for the day. And as it turns out, the only goal for the day.

I’ve heard great things about Moo, so I gave it a try. For me, there was a learning curve in the designing my own process. Postcards (and other printing projects) have safe areas, bleed areas, cutting line, etc. I would get a design done, upload it and realize the words are too close to something or other. So, a do-over. Another thing that I’ve heard folks talking about is that you can get a mix of designs with one order, but I finally gave up on that idea, and just ordered cards. There comes a point….

Tomorrow? Cut and paint boards. Woo hoo!

Thursday through Monday

┬ęSherri Coffey-Sine Wave ┬ęSherri Coffey-Sine Wave

This is what I’ve been doing for the last few days, just a few notes that I made at the end of each day. I’ll post more later.

Thursday–May 2, 2013

  1. the wind is blowing 45 mph and it’s 50 outside. Cold. It’s May!
  2. hotel key cards can be de-magnetized by a phone in a pocket with the key card
  3. my car is so full I can tell a difference in the way it “feels”
  4. set up tomorrow should be fun–see #1
  5. have I mentioned that it’s cold?


  1. much better day today, warmer, b Burned-trees ut not quite as cold
  2. set up my booth, learned a few things, added to my list of things needed
  3. walking, walking, walking–lost my pedometer, too bad because I really wanted to know how much walking I was doing
  4. drove past a section of wildfires two years ago, totally depressing, but seeing the houses nestled in amongst the burned trees, a miracle for those folks
  5. when they say that booths are 10 x 10, it’s probably really not, there are leftover pieces Pieces-in-basket . Had room for 9 inside the booth
  6. Tomorrow’s the day! Booth-Fayetteville-2013





  1. Wow! Turns out to be a great day!
  2. Discouraged earlier-lots of people wandering into my booth, saying very complimentary things about my work, finally someone came back to look again. Sent pictures to her husband, he said she has to choose. She did, one of the larger pieces-Sine Wave, shown at top. I hung the piece vertically because of space, but maybe it should be hung horizontally. What do you think?
  3. Booths close at 5, artists wander to the old hotel across from the square, awards ceremony, barbeque dinner
  4. Awards ceremony–ceremony is too formal of a word, I won two awards! One for Best of Show and another a “just because I like it.” Monetary awards! Total surprise!
  5. After a couple of years of dealing with grief, estate stuff, house stuff, my creativity had gone out the window. It’s been back for a while, but this helps, believe me! Kind of like validation that this is a good track to be on.
  6. Even before the awards, I had already decided to try fro this show again. The people are nice, it’s a small venue, lots of really good art, many knowledgeable visitors.
  7. This means I have a goal of 9 new pieces. Doesn’t sound like much, does it?
  8. I’ve really got to track time weaving. It IS the perennial question, you know.

Sunday Purple-coat-shopper

  1. easier day today–shorter day, fewer visitors
  2. One of the other artists said I should put my Blue-Ribbon blue ribbon in my booth. Lots of people noticed it and congratulated me
  3. the eccentrics showed up today Really-tall-lady
  4. bought a painted bunting from Melanie Fain
  5. sent six pieces with Karen Vernon for gallery
  6. Allison and Tony helped with take down
  7. donated From Above
  8. dinner with Allison and Tony at Roadhouse
  9. Arts for Rural Texas puts on ArtWalk. They provide arts for the communities in the area, three counties. This is not just the visual arts, but also symphony, plays, etc.


  1. Why does driving make one so tired? Exhausted after four hours or so on the road
  2. Went to Hill Country Handweavers, bought some silk straw, what, is that called yarn?
  3. Drove to the churro farm, picked up two fleeces, saw the lambs, ewes, rams (see below)
  4. Drove, drove, drove

Ram Black-ewe-lamb Ewes-lambs