Not a great picture because of the angle being wrong, so parts look weirdly odd sized. Forgot I need to get to the photographer.

Ever had those days when you sit down to do a project, and before you know it, it’s getting close to 5:00 PM? Welcome to my world! I decided that, since I had ArtWalk coming up, I would feel so much better if I crossed some things off the to-do list. You know, little things Illusion-card like the hanging boards, postcards, etc.

One of the things I noticed last year was that visitors to my booth would take a postcard but not a business card. So getting postcards done was one of my goals for the day. And as it turns out, the only goal for the day.

I’ve heard great things about Moo, so I gave it a try. For me, there was a learning curve in the designing my own process. Postcards (and other printing projects) have safe areas, bleed areas, cutting line, etc. I would get a design done, upload it and realize the words are too close to something or other. So, a do-over. Another thing that I’ve heard folks talking about is that you can get a mix of designs with one order, but I finally gave up on that idea, and just ordered cards. There comes a point….

Tomorrow? Cut and paint boards. Woo hoo!

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