Altar_Mi_TierraIn this season of gratefulness, I am thankful for:

  • a father who always told his children that they could do and be anything they wanted
  • a mother who always pointed out the colors and beauty in nature on our drives in the country to visit grandparents and color sense every season when we shopped for clothes
  • the good, interesting, and thoughtful adults that my children have become; I would like them even if they weren’t my children!
  • genetics, and the nurturing of the creative self
  • parents who taught their children how to be responsible adults and valued education
  • for the opportunity to pursue my creative side
  • health, family, friends, and good books—of course!
  • the wonderful fall weather outside with its beautiful, colorful clothing
  • medical miracles
  • the generosity of weavers with ideas and help
  • the sheep who give us their wool
  • art in all its forms
  • and last—but not least—grateful for never having to cook a turkey!

The more I think about this, the longer the list could be, so I’m stopping now. Happy Thanksgiving!

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