The Common Cold


imageMolecular surface of one variant of human

After days of thinking my allergies are really bad this year, I have decided that it’s not allergies but a cold. How can one get so confused? Well, my allergies really have been worse this year, the worst in many years. And, since I am doing a presentation to an art group about dyeing today, I started thinking about the possibility of common cold eradication. If it were even possible, would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Do we want to eliminate another species, even if it’s one that we don’t like? Would the elimination of all the viruses that cause the cold lead to other, worse viruses filling the void? Way too scientific for my little brain! All of this speculation did lead me to the Top Ten Incurable Diseases, though.

To get away from the cold and back to something even remotely related to weaving, here’s another “color wheel.” It is from Joel Wolfrom. You can find this and a lesson to go with it here. I’m not a quilter, but I bought one of her books many moons ago and love it. Unfortunately, I don’t know where it is. Maybe when I finish organizing my shelves? I’m trying to restore order a little bit at a time, scheduling time every afternoon to work on the organization problem. But, for now, I am heading to the studio.


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