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Even though I don’t always do it, I’m a big advocate of record keeping. Sometimes I can be compulsive about keeping records and sometimes not. Often I will have a sheet like the above with the yarn samples hanging out in all their glory, but then forget to put it in the notebook. I’ll find it weeks (or months) later when I finally clean off my design desk. I should collect the dye sheets and put them with the sample sheet in a plastic page protector, but you know what happens with shoulds.

Speaking of dye sheets, here is one of the two sheets used for the above yarns.



Before dyeing, the skeins are weighed and labeled with the weight and dye formula to be used. After dyeing, rinsing, and drying, the skeins have to be balled up at some point. The balls of yarn are also labeled, either with the same label of the dyebath, or with a string tag purchased at Office Depot. imageThere have been many times that those little tags have saved me. I find THE perfect color for a particular project, and thank goodness, it has a label with the dye formula! I am trying to get in the habit of weighing leftover balls with their new weight, but that’s a work in progress!

2 thoughts on “Record Keeping

  1. FiberGeek

    Thanks so much for posting your record keeping method. I struggle with this and it is good to see how others do it. I love the idea of labeling the yarn with the dye formula. I will be adopting that one.

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    You are very welcome. We all have to find a method that works for us, but I do think it’s important to have a method. I still struggle with actually doing the after weaving part, the the yarn dyeing formula part is always in place.


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