Time, time, time

Square3So many ideas, so little time. This seems to be the phrase going on in my head right now. In the picture above, there’s not much interesting going on, although you can see the second piece below on the cloth beam. Here’s a reminder of what the third piece will look like when finished.Yellow

The plan:

  • finish up the weaving on the third piece of the commission series (shown above) by Thursday afternoon
  • re-tie the warp
  • start balling up that pile of color

So, the schedule will be something like this:

  • Friday afternoon: tie on warp, start balling up yarns
  • Saturday: finish balling yarns, plan out the gradation weaving
  • Monday-Friday: finish work and weaving the gradation pieces

A trip to buy thread will be necessary in there somewhere because these pieces will be hemmed.

That means that the commission pieces could be delivered by the end of next week! If, as they say, “God willing and the creek don’t rise.” I think that, besides the three commission pieces, I have four other pieces that need to be steamed and warp-finished (whether hemmed or needle weaved). Can you guess what is my least favorite part? Plus, I have all kinds of ideas roiling around in my head. Too many ideas, or no ideas at all can be a problem; both can lead to inaction. I may start the dye pots again, too, with the aim of getting shades of gray, navy, and various blues. I’m going to experiment with paler pastel shades of those colors. Still thinking about those clouds in the thunderstorm.

4 thoughts on “Time, time, time

  1. Laura

    I find that all the time I didn’t have to get ready for a deadline (show) comes back once the deadline has passed (or I’m *at* the show)…….. 🙁



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