The Redbuds are Coming! um…Here!

RedbudI love this time of year when the redbuds peak out—from hidden areas along the side of the road and from the woods. As I write, I am listening to the winds blow at about 27 mph. The forecast for tomorrow is rain. WhiteCrosses_purple_limeThe piece above was cut off the loom Wednesday, and I took this picture without consideration of how it will hang. The lime or purple sections will be top and bottom-or bottom and top—don’t know yet. So, turn your head to the side and help me decide which way it should hang. Here it is with lint, warps needing weaving, and hemming to be done.

I think I’m kind of in a funk weaving-wise. Can’t really focus on what I want to do next, so I think it’s break time. Time to tackle other things that are on the list. Maybe repetitive tasks like mowing, pruning, and—gasp!—cleaning will give my mind time to wander and THE idea will pop into my head. But, boy, do I hate to not be weaving!

6 thoughts on “The Redbuds are Coming! um…Here!

  1. Jennifer

    I love the redbuds as well!

    You know it didn’t matter to me whether it was purple or green on the top – but it did matter which direction the “arrow” was – i.e. is it pointing up or down. See if that helps you decide.

  2. Jennifer

    It reminds me of a shield when the arrow points down – which makes me think strong, noble, knightly

    When the arrow is up I think of building blocks, children, cheerleaders – which makes me think fun, simple, laughter.

    I like both, but if I picked it’s probably be the stronger with the arrow pointing down. What do you see? or what message would you wnat it to convey?

    Oh and congrats on the Mirrix loom!

  3. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    I love hearing your insights. I probably would not have thought of a shield idea, but it definitely wil factor into the final decision.

    Since it can hang either way, I will probably finish it, hang it on the wall, and live with it a while. Then I’ll know what I want to say with this piece. Sometimes ideas are in my head and demand to be woven, other times the impetus is not as strong.

    And thanks for the congratulations. I’m looking forward to this project. Ideas tumbling around in my head.

  4. J. Austin -

    I had a pretty immediate and definite opinion that the purple needs to be at the top. Maybe because of the arrangement of the crosses, but partly just the colors.

    By the way, I love my Mirrix, it’s a really excellent loom.

  5. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    I’m glad to hear that you love your Mirrix. Since I’m used to a horizontal loom, there will be a learning curve, I’m sure. But it’ll be fun to explore other ideas that I have.

    Purple at the top was my original plan, but when I took it off the loom, I started reconsidering. Will have to live with a while I suppose. It’s really interesting to hear everyone’s take on it, though.


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