Letting the Mind Go

I listened to this interview on NPR Saturday morning. It’s with Jakob Dylan and Neko Case. Part of the interview concerned songwriting. Mr. Dylan talked about writing songs for his latest album in three weeks, and said if he had three months or three years, he would take three months or three years to write the songs. Sounds like he works best under pressure. Ms. Case said some of her best songs come to her while washing dishes. Sounds like letting the mind go where it will helps her creative side. We all think, learn, work, and create differently. For me, sometimes it seems that there are so many ideas that they can’t be captured fast enough. At other times, I seem to have to force something—anything—to come to the surface. That’s why I’m taking a creative vacation, of sorts. I am freeing the mind to go where it will by doing mundane tasks that require little thought. Taking walks. Musing. This is hard for me to do, but I’m going to try for a while. And, oh, yes, I’m going to dye some yarns too!

3 thoughts on “Letting the Mind Go

  1. Laura

    Have you read any of Daniel Levitin’s books about music and the brain? Very interesting. There is also a documentary called “The Musical Brain” where he interviews a number of musicians and studies Sting’s brain waves as he listens to music, sings it and composes it.

  2. Jennifer

    Sounds great! I’ve always heard of people getting great ideas when all distractions are gone – i.e. in the shower or on the lawn mower – there’s all the white noise and it’s a great time to let the mind simply go!

    Edison used to take a nap when he was facing a tough problem. He said he always woke up with the solution.

  3. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    Laura, I am putting both of these on my lists of books and movies. Unfortunately, I am music challenged-not in the listening part, but in the actual knowledge part.

    Jennifer, truth be told, I need to work up to that 5-mile walk. I used to solve all of my problems that way. But instead, think I’ll go mow the yard!


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