What Does it Madder?

Madder_AsparagusI’m sure this picture is not very clear, but my madder has spread into the asparagus bed. It’s probably time to make a real effort to dig madder this spring. My fear is that the precious roots may have grown so far into the soil that I want be able to get them out without disturbing the lateral lines from the septic system. In fact, I’m not even sure where those lines go. Maybe they’re not even in this area at all. But it does “madder.” However, it’s for sure that digging madder will disturb the asparagus!Madder_Asparagus2

I’m mowing in stages, since everything has grown so much, seemingly overnight. I have a newly re-plumbed shower, of which I used for the first time yesterday after mowing. It was wonderful! I have a well, and ever since I had new hot water heaters installed, the hot water has been rather smelly, which seems to be worse when using the brass shower/faucets in the old clawfoot tub. The plumber could not get the anode rods out of the heaters, so I called my water filter guy. He tells me that I can install a different type of filter on my well that will take care of the problem. I really hope this works. ‘Twill be done Thursday.

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