Variations on a theme

Zig Zag SquaresMonday I was thinking of simple ideas and repetition, which to me is variation on a theme. Not sure if this really counts, but for me, these pieces were a variation on a theme of zigzags. First, I gave the illusion of zigzags by using rectangles. Then I practiced with “real” zigzags.

Zig Zag I (Private Collection)

Zig Zag II (Private Collection)







Then I stretched out the zigzags. I remember that while weaving the piece below, I had to change the design during the weaving process because I didn’t want stair-steppy angles. That meant lots of going back to the drawing board, but I was happy with the finished result. And then I thought I was done with zigzags, but they still creep back into my design thoughts, so maybe not.

Zig Zag III (Private Collection)

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