Happily weaving and loom bench woes

You gotta slide

Sliding is important when weaving wider widths of 48 inches or more. I haven’t woven 48 inches since I wove Peruvian Mask, below.

Peruvian Mask

Peruvian Mask, Private Collection

Inspiration again

It is soooo nice to have moved past my inspiration-free zone. I am happily weaving away on a piece based on my obsession with the fires that consumed thousands of acres here in Texas this summer. The weaving is interesting, so no chance of getting bored. In fact, I have to stay on my toes to keep up with the colors and where I am in the design. The design is being woven sideways, something I’ve only done once before. I’m a little concerned about the selvedges being the top and bottom of the piece, but felt this was the best way to weave this design. Fingers crossed!

Loom bench

Loom bench

It’s all about the bench

The other issue I have had is my sliding loom bench. I think I bought the bench from Fireside Looms back when Convergence was in Cincinnati–a lot of years ago! The owner at the time, built me the bench above. It has a storage shelf under the seat.

Slider upside down

Slider upside downI 

I love my bench, but after so many years, the outside covering of the wheels has broken, and it’s not sliding so well. You can see the parts that have come off in the picture below. Below is a picture showing what they should look like.


Here is a picture of the new kind of wheels on the bench. Michelle was very helpful and my new wheels should be here in a few days. I’m really hoping they work on my bench because it’s different than the one pictured above.image

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