Weaving, weaving, weaving…

For the first time in a really long time, I have had to take out small sections of my weaving.  Before I start the next change, I have to really think!  And even then it sometimes doesn’t seem to work…thinking that is. I’m hoping to get finished in the next couple of days, though. But for today, I’m going to get the next section started, so I’ll know where to start next, then move on to more mundane things like vacuuming and laundry.

The weather here has been wonderful for the last several days—sunshine, warm, and no rain.  However, that appears to be changing this week.  Expected cold front, maybe our first frost, and rain again. In anticipation, I brought firewood up to the porch so I’ll have something dry to start a fire with.  Love weaving in the winter with the fire going in the woodburning stove. 

I found a small tomato plant growing outside, so maybe I’ll plant it in something big and keep it covered for a while. There’s also a cucumber plant still blooming.  I used to have a small greenhouse and loved working in it in the middle of winter.  Alas, a tornado got the greenhouse, but no matter…I have a hard time making myself go outside in winter nowadays.  The idea of coldframes is appealing, but there again, you’ve got the cold part.

For a long time I have been wanting a small portable loom, and have tried several. I’ve looked at the Mirrix website, and they look good, but still can’t make a decision. What kind of shed do they get? Are they really portable? Will I need a stand for weaving? I recently saw a used one for sale, so the questions come to mind again. Anybody familiar with this type of loom?

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