Week in review

Wait! is it December 5 already? Can’t be!

FireMidnight Fire

29.5 x 48 in.

The past week has been pretty busy. I got the fire piece finished, all those many warp ends woven in. It has been shipped. Did I mention how obsessed I was with the wildfires this past summer?

Fire_warpPieces were also shipped to the Ann Street Gallery in NY, where I was honored to be asked to participate in a tapestry exhibit, Woven Stories: Contemporary Tapestries. If you click on the gallery link, they’ve got an amazing slideshow of tapestries. I am always amazed by the works of tapestry weavers. Work that I can’t even imagine doing.

And, speaking of tapestry weavers, I just read the latest issue of Tapestry Topics from American Tapestry Alliance. It’s all about wedge weave. If you aren’t a member, please consider joining. The newsletter is great! The website as undergone some substantial improvements that are just wonderful. Check it out.

The very occasional, once-in-a-great-while newsletter went out, AND I figured out how to do real sign up links. If you look to the right column, you will find a place to put in your email address. Then, in six months or so, one of those newsletters will arrive. I also added buttons on my website and Facebook page.

On the home front, I got firewood delivered, so now I can have a nice, warm fire in the studio while I weave. Saturday I got new cartoons enlarged, so now I’ve a couple of options about what I weave next. I go to FedEx Office for that. I’ve noticed that there’s a big difference between the ease and turnaround time in getting these enlargements done, depending on the available employee. Dare I say it—the women seem to get this done much more efficiently. The last time I had this done (by a male employee), I got home and half the design was missing. So, just as I was ready to get to work, I was driving back to town instead.

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