Thank goodness for tape

Tape_FingerFor years I have been using a method to tie on my warp called the Nyquist method. I wrote (and included pictures) about it here in 2009. Now, when I do a search for the method, I found a book by her which is open for all. That method worked fine while I was using the 4-ply wool warp, but the last time I warped, I put on 30 yards or so of 12/9 Swedish cotton doubled. While weaving with the cotton, some of the warp threads in some of the bouts, were getting loose. That means going back to the ol’ tried and true traditional way of tying on the warp, but that cotton is tough and hard on the fingers. Thank goodness for Johnson & Johnson and their tough tape. Maybe my fingers won’t have blisters now. I have heard tapestry weavers talk about about seine twine, and I have no idea if this Swedish warp is the same stuff. Next time I warp, I am going to try some linen.

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