Well, it’s been a year


DaybreakIILast year at this time I was barely holding things together. I wrote a brief post about grief here. The grief is not as intense, but I am still trying to find my new “normal.” Each day, week or month, a new obstacle appears. Actually, they’re probably not really obstacles, just new adjustments. During the last few months of weaving about five hours a day, I have found those hours very enjoyable. However, by the time Saturday gets here, I am ready to get out and go somewhere, anywhere! Even six months ago I was happy having my margarita (or two) every evening and watching mindless TV. I always knew that eventually the margaritas would no longer have the same appeal, but watching the mindless TV programs continued. Now, that mindless TV is not satisfying, so I have to find a new normal. What will it be? Each day is a new adventure—at least that’s what I tell myself—and part of me believes it! There have been accomplishments and failures, but that’s what life is, right? But I still miss being able to discuss all the ups and downs over dinner with him.

Above is one of the new/old weavings that has just been finished. I used the same idea as before, but changed the size. It is also different because of the amount of yarn in the various colors. I can’t decide which direction should be the top. Anyone?

One of the things I plan to teach myself soon is how to put a simple watermark on images, something like the one on the picture below. It comes from the blog below. Lots of beautiful pictures there!

Beautiful Flower Pictures Blog: Floral Photography by Patty Hankins

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