What a fun time, she says sarcastically

Mango Punch


Standish White by Benjamin Moore


Creamy by Sherwin Williams


Candy Cane Red by Benjamin Moore

In the continuing saga of choosing paint colors and floor coverings—I’ve finally decided, and it’s way more boring than originally planned. I had a sample of the orange pinned to the wall, and got sick of looking at it! So, that’s that! Once that decision was made, I brought home lots of samples of carpet and the one wood sample that matched the wood already in the hall. Now I spend my time moving all the loose stuff on the furniture, books on the shelves, crystal and china in the cupboard, so that the painters will be able to paint. None of the clips above look like my samples on my screen. The red will go in the hallway. It matches the back of my Happy Chair. Maybe a pic later…image

The kitchen area will be next, so I am collecting ideas. And in a reversal of my previous Pinterist rant, I have decided that’s it a great place for collecting all of these various ideas. I may even post pictures of my work someday. In the meantime, if you’re interested in seeing the collection of stuff, here’s the link to my page.

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