Wheel goes ’round and ’round—not!

The continuing saga of the spinning wheel, well, continues. I read that this wheel is yarn driven or bobbin driven or something. No matter—I can’t get it to spin and really don’t have time to fool with it now. I did check with Ravelry, though. I seldom go there–did you know there’s a whole group of Country Spinner 2 spinners? Plus, about a million other groups.

The warp is on, header woven, and the loom is waiting. I dyed yarn yesterday and washed a bunch more. I am ready to weave, that is if the grass weeds will stop growing. Today I’m going through my available pieces and make sure all the hanging paraphernalia is there. I do have this little show coming up! On the other hand, I’m getting pretty excited about a possible series I’ve been thinking about. It’s been way too long being lost in the creative desert!

Recently I was reminded again about how much I like the work of Forest Bess. I mentioned him once before, but I read about an exhibit in Houston in WSJ. The caption with this painting is: The Menil Collection The 1949 painting ‘Bodies of Little Dead Children.’ That’s a little confusing since the Menil Collection and Mr. Bess’s website call this painting Dedicated to Van Gogh. Maybe I’m just not seeing right. What do you think? Which title best describes or goes with this painting?

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