Working habits

Swirl_cartoon_labelsI am cutting up the cartoon in six-inch sections, then marking my warp, and weaving that section before repeating. I learned early on that I must number each section, or I will not be able to recognize where I am in the process. This cutting up makes storing easier also. When the piece is finished, everything from the original drawing, the to scale drawing, samples of yarn used, dye formulas, and the cut up cartoon, go into a plastic sheet protector. I also keep a small tablet by the loom to record anything that I do while weaving, such as the knots at the beginning and end of the piece, or a hem—whatever needs to be remembered, including the beginning and end dates. In the event that memory needs to be refreshed down the line, well, you get the picture.

I always like hearing how everyone works. How do you keep up with things?

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