I’ve been trying to figure out why I like this. After all, it does have pink in it—not exactly one of my favorite colors—but I do think it’s the combination of colors which appeals to me.image_thumb3_thumbEsteban Vicente, Kalani, Hawaii, 1969  You can see more of Esteban Vicente’s work here on Artnet and read about him on Wikipedia.

image_thumb31And speaking of pink: What’s up with the Pantone color of the year? Honeysuckle? I have never considered honeysuckle to be pink, but obviously was wrong. image_thumb11[1]

2 thoughts on “Pink

  1. Jan

    We have wild honeysuckle bushes that have pale pink flowers, paler than the Pantone sample though. The vines have yellow flowers. I also have a cultivated honeysuckle vine with orangey red flowers. So I guess there are lots of different varieties.


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